About WhereSafe

With feedback from thousands of users and our services knowledge bank, Solutions Into Motion introduces WhereSafe, which is designed to expand our boundaries and extend freedoms without worry. Grant freedom and gain peace of mind. This is non-intrusive and eliminates worry for all parties. Our goal is to create simple to use and affordable location technology device, functional for today's family.

WhereSafe is designed for families by families and formed by popular demand.

WhereSafe is the offspring of Solutions Into Motion, a trusted leader which has been providing easy-to-use and affordable GPS solutions to the business market since 2004 (Trackem.com).

Using our experience combining our experience with listening to people, WhereSafe has evolved by popular demand. Life is better when we can eliminate worry by having simple knowledge, especially in todays world of active and mobile families.

Vince Poloniato is not only the CEO, but a father of 3 and states “As a father, knowing "WHERE" all of the time and having the protection of WhereSafe at my disposal removes all those worries. Instead of limits, it has enabled me to expand my children’s boundaries”.

Thus, our motive and motto: “Don’t say No, say GO!”

Eliminate worry by knowing WHERE and IF. Knowing WHERE and "WHAT IF" can provide freedom and mobility without the worry.