Don’t be a victim of auto theft. Protect your cars with WhereSafe.

On average a vehicle is stolen every SIX minutes in this country.

Protect your auto investment now with WhereSafe real-time GPS tracking. 

No install required, just place under the car, hood or in the trunk. Know exactly where your car is when stolen and direct police to recover it. 

- 2 minute GPS updates when moving
- 8 hour GPS updates when not moving (extending battery life)
- Strong magnets keep it secured on your car.
- Rechargeable battery can last up to 2 months

Customize the alerts you receive and know when:
- your car leaves the city,
- the car / driver is speeding,
- the car moves after hours,
- the tracker is removed from the car,
- and when the battery is low. 

View the location and driven routes for the last 2 days on our Android or iPhone app. Get alerts sent right to your email or phone.

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