Data History & Retrieval Report (Per Day)

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Hold on, it's not too late! 

WhereSafe stores all the data for 30 days and can retrieve a report or data gone by.

You can request a detailed history report for selected days* and time frames up to 30 days previous. 

This will be sent in an Excel formatted report showing every location detail and movement.







Historical reports contain:

  • Date & time
  • Address
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Events** (Ignition on/off, low battery, power disconnect/reconnects, harsh braking/acceleration)

After ordering, you will be contacted by a WhereSafe representative to get details of the day(s) required. 

* Multiple days requested are $15 each. Add multiple items to your cart to purchase additional days of data.
** Events types recorded are different per device type