OBD Plug-In (Rental) 30 Days

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All rentals include:

One-time activation fee: $25.00
Security deposit: $100.00 (refundable on return of working device).

Elderly parents still driving? Young teens just got their license? Just plug into your vehicle's OBDII port and know where your loved ones are at all times! Stop worrying and get the "power of where" in your hand!

Plug and Play 3G OBDII GPS tracker optimized for a diverse range of applications; reliable self-installation (just plug it into your vehicles' OBDII port!) ideal for connected car applications and superior cellular GPS performance. Triple-axis accelerometer for driver behaviour capabilities, impact detection and low power sleep modes for longer life. 

This rental includes: 1 x OBDII device, 1 x SIM card.

- Battery backup (3 hours unplugged) 
- Motion & Tamper Sensor 
- Real-time trail motion tracking 
- G-Force accelerometer 


  • Fits in any standard vehicle or small trucks mandatory OBD2 port
  • No installation required
  • Battery back up and tamper resistant
  • Easily removable or “disguisable” with a “Y” supported cable


  • All data and wireless service
  • US roaming service
  • 2 smartphone monitor apps (handset licenses)
  • Built-in safety notifications
  • Intelligent 24/7/365 monitoring

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