The WhereSafe 4G WIFI Tracker is a real-time GPS tracking device with built in WIFI hotspot, for fast internet anywhere. 

This is the perfect device for an RV or those who spend a lot of time in their vehicle or boat. Simply choose your WhereSafe DataToGo wifi data plan below. 

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WhereSafe DataToGo wifi hotspot cellular data plans

North American WiFi Data Plans

1 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)
1 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

1 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

5 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)
5 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

5 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

10 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)
10 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

10 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

20 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)
20 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)

20 GB DataToGo Plan (Monthly)


WhereSafe DataToGo wifi data plans offer highspeed internet anywhere in North America. Our monthly data plans are offered with no contracts and NEVER any extra roaming or overage fees. Coupled with the new WhereSafe Wifi GPS Tracker, WhereSafe DataToGo is perfect to provide you with internet in your RV, campervan or motorhome as well as in your boat, while on the water, on the trails in your ATV or in the car for those long road trips. With DataToGo get fast reliable internet for all your travels or while living and working remotely. 

WhereSafe GPS Service Plans

Pick your service plan when you activate your device. All plans include the same features.



per month



per year. Save 23%!



per year. Save 35%!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

WhereSafe ensures that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If the device or service does not meet expectations, simply return the device to WhereSafe for a full refund.

* The seasonal plan will charge for eight months of regular service and four months of suspension service. Learn more!

Built-in alerts right to your phone


After hours monitoring keeps an eye on your assets and let's you know if they move.


Set a geofence boundary around your city and know when the device leaves the area.


Be aware of high speed travel and take action. 


Know right away when your device needs a charge or is removed.