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Success Stories

WhereSafe is working well! It did the job this weekend; someone took our equipment on the road and we found it 40km away from Montreal … so big up for your service! - Frederic (Montreal, QC)


I purchased a WhereSafe magnetic GPS tracker from Soar Hobby & More in Windsor, ON. Since then my eBike has been stolen twice. I was able to recover my first bike shortly after the police were notified as they checked the location and found the ebike. They called and said come & pick it up. The second time my bike was stolen the police found the bike within 1 hour as the thief took the tracker off the bike and threw it in his neighbour's yard. He didn't know what it was. Both thieves had numerous bikes on their property that were verified stolen.

I would recommend that anyone buying a ebike should also buy a tracker. - Barney (Windsor, ON)