We purchased a MagTracker GPS for use in our RV and so far I am more than pleased with the experience. In contacting Wheresafe Support to straighten out some administrative issues regarding my E-Mail address, I spoke with Shaun, who is very friendly, courteous and provided his expertise in a very professional manner. He has been extremely helpful and even called me back to provide an update on my issue. I first heard about Wheresafe from an RV YouTube channel. We are very confident that we made the correct choice in choosing Wheresafe. I will definitely recommend Wheresafe to anyone looking for an excellent GPS location service plan!

TwoPeas Rollin

At first I tried an AirTag from Apple but it didn't work for locations of my cargo trailer. Bought a tracker from WhereSafe and absolutely not disappointed. Its 100% accurate for location and the travel speed notifications are handy as well. Would highly recommend this product!

Philip S

WhereSafe GPS is our solution to keeping track of our person with dementia. The GPS locks onto their mobility device and using the Geofence feature, we get an alert if the person leaves an identified area. It's reassuring to know that this technology can help our person stay safe. It's taken away a lot of our worry.

Michelle C.

It is a great device . I used for my rv it is easy to install and easy to subscribe. I was looking for something like that for long time. I highly recommend it.

Catalin G.

I watched the Endless RV video highlighting the tracker. I purchased the one with the extended battery life and installed it in my new RV. It worked great. Recently, the RV was at the dealer, and I could see every time they moved the rig. I called customer service with a couple questions. They answered the phone promptly and answered all my questions. I'm looking forward to the confidence I will have always knowing where my rig is located, since it will be stored away from my home. Amazing product and service at a very affordable price.

Paul S.