Our Story

WhereSafe is the culmination of 18 years in market research and experience through the development of the well-known commercial fleet GPS tracking system – Trackem. The WhereSafe team recognized a shift in consumer perception of GPS tracking technology. They understand that today consumers (not just businesses) are comfortable with GPS; they understand it and embrace the benefits.

WhereSafe developers took the Trackem business solution and simplified it down to suit the needs of todays families. WhereSafe has been specifically designed to be a family safety and asset protection service for consumers that is simple to use and affordable.

It is a goal for WhereSafe to provide users with peace of mind, without having to always be on your phone monitoring the location of family or assets. The GPS technology used leverages real-time tracking versus on-demand. The WhereSafe app works in the background only notifying you IF and when a predetermined event actually happens.

The system consists of a piece of easy to install GPS tracking hardware and a smart phone app, which once downloaded is ready to use. Hardware options are portable or plug and play and are ultra-durable for weather and extreme use. Consumers can use WhereSafe to track vehicles, ATVs and motorcycles, boats, RVs, trailers, equipment, even loved ones, and more.

Simply put, WhereSafe was designed for families and consumers at large to ‘Protect your Passions’!