Why choose wheresafe


WhereSafe GPS is quite frankly the simplest GPS tracking solution for everyday people. We took the technology for our sister brand Trackem, which has been providing GPS tracking to business across north America since 2004 and stripped it down for consumer use. By doing so, we have been able to get our pricing down to the lowest in the industry. With our annual plans, you can have the leading GPS tracking tech for only $9.17/mo. So, you get great GPS service at the best price. 


Where other GPS tracking providers offer one or very limited hardware options, WhereSafe offers a variety of GPS tracking units to suite any particular need of our customers. We have trackers that are suited for RVs, boats, cars, motorcycles, to track school children or seniors, or ones that are portable, ones that are plug-n-play and and ones that are hardwired. We even have a GPS tracker that is a WiFi hotspot for those digital nomads that need reliable, high-speed internet while on the road or on the water.

Data Coverage

WhereSafe GPS offers the most comprehensive data coverage in the industry. Our GPS units work anywhere in North America (Canada, US and Mexico), where there is cellular service and there are NO EXTRA ROAMING FEES! Our Sim cards freely roam onto all major cellular networks in North America including Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Canada and AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and many more in the United States. In fact, our coverage goes beyond North America to countries in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and more, email us to get more information on coverage. WhereSafe GPS trackers are compatible on 3G, 4G, 5G and NB-IOT networks. WhereSafe Sim cards will seek out the strongest network signal and fallback to whatever network is necessary based on the location of the GPS tracker. 

Best Price

WhereSafe GPS offers the most benefit, the best tech, in the simplest app, with the most coverage at the best price! With our two year GPS service plan, with no contract, you can stay connected to your loved ones and your things for as low as $9.17 per month. That is a small price to pay to Protect Your Passions!



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