Conrad Galambos - Aug 17 2021

NASCAR Cup Series Driver Anthony Alfredo Talks GPS to Fans

A NASCAR Cup Series driver has a busy schedule. With only 4 or 5 off weeks in a 38 race season, there is a lot of travel and a lot of racing. The Cup Series schedule criss-crosses the US going from state to state, race track to race track.

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Theft Is A Threat To A Race Team The Same As It Is To You

“At any given time between races our truck and trailer are rolling down the highway or parked for the night, anywhere in America with $2 million worth of cargo,” says Anthony Alfredo, driver of the #38 Ford Mustang for Front Row Motorsports. “Between races and practices, we have to know where our equipment is, in real-time. There are a lot of moving parts to a Cup Series team and GPS tracking is one tool that keeps us efficient and provides peace of mind.”

Starting in rental go-carts at five or six years old, Anthony grew his love for racing, in the non-traditional race region of Ridgefield, Connecticut. At age 15 Alfredo began racing Legend Cars, and his success began to show. Today at only 22 years old he is a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver. Currently ‘Fast Pasta’, as he has become known, is sitting 29 th in Cup Series standings, out of 56 racers, in his rookie season and the racing world is watching. “Busy…that’s an understatement, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have to pinch myself all the time to remind me that ‘I have a full-time Cup Series ride’ and it’s not a dream. But it is a dream come true, ” says Anthony Alfredo.

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“NASCAR fans and my fans are regular people who own cars, ATVs, RVs, toy haulers, and have families that they want to protect. This is a product I use and my race team uses because we see the value in real-time GPS ,” says Alfredo. “That is how I want to brand myself, as someone who aligns with partners of substance, that have value and that help others, and WhereSafe GPS falls into that category.”

Alfredo has suggested that the team is always cognisant about theft, however, the real-time location of the teams assets are the real priority. “Theft of a full NASCAR team semi-truck and trailer, could happen, but is less of a threat compared to smaller race teams in smaller series or circuits. That said, we recognize that we have a number of assets that could be vulnerable and want to protect them, so our team is always ready to race, ” he adds.

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Just a few weeks ago Norm Benning of the NASCAR Truck Series, had his Ford F-350 stolen, which stranded him and the team at Kansas Speedway. Last summer, Mike Harmon Racing, who were racing in the Xfinity Series, had a trailer and race car stolen in Georgia. These are not the only examples of how theft affects race teams just as it does race fans.