WhereSafe GPS Launches Advanced Tracking App and Website Refresh Alongside New WhereSafe One Tracker

WhereSafe GPS Launches Advanced Tracking App and Website Refresh Alongside New WhereSafe One Tracker

In response to the escalating rates of auto and asset thefts in North America, WhereSafe GPS has taken proactive measures to enhance its technology, security, and peace of mind for consumers. With the simultaneous launch of its improved GPS tracking app and a refreshed website, WhereSafe GPS is setting new standards for ‘GPS Tracking Simplified’. Additionally, the introduction of the WhereSafe One Tracker promises consumers an easy-to-deploy, long-lasting, versatile, and discreet GPS tracking solution.

The latest version of the WhereSafe GPS tracking app retains its core features while integrating updates aimed at fortifying asset security and family safety. Amidst rising concerns about theft, the app empowers users to monitor their valuable assets with precision, offering real-time GPS tracking, customizable geofencing, and detailed history logs. Moreover, the app's enhanced family safety features provide users with added reassurance, especially when loved ones are on the move.

The new app includes all the same great WhereSafe features plus:

  • Manage geofences with an unlimited option
  • Invite, add or delete users
  • View battery and device status
  • Choose your creative icon
  • Improved GPS device management
  • Simpler more intuitive interface
  • Easy upgrades & addons (eg. Unlimited geofences, history & users, increased ping rates, and more)
wheresafe gps tracking app showing vehicles being tracked while at a cottage

Simultaneously, WhereSafe GPS has revamped its website (wheresafe.com) to streamline the shopping experience for GPS tracking solutions. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, customers can now easily explore WhereSafe's range of products and services, get valuable resources and information, helping users make informed decisions about protecting their assets and loved ones.

Central to the website refresh is the introduction of the WhereSafe One Tracker —a groundbreaking addition to WhereSafe's lineup of GPS tracking devices. The WhereSafe One tracker offers consumers a hassle-free solution for asset tracking, boasting easy deployment, long battery life, and discreet design. With its compact size and robust features, the WhereSafe One tracker is ideal for safeguarding vehicles, equipment, and valuables, providing users with peace of mind wherever they go.

The WhereSafe One tracker's simplicity of use makes it an attractive choice for individuals seeking an effective yet unobtrusive GPS tracking solution. Whether it's monitoring a car, boat, RV, or other valuable assets, the WhereSafe One Tracker delivers reliable performance and extended battery life, ensuring continuous protection without the need for frequent recharging. In fact, one set of two AA batteries can last up to eight years!

snowmobile JDM sportscar RV E-bike being tracked with wheresafe gps tracker

By combining the latest advancements in GPS tracking technology with a user-centric approach, WhereSafe GPS continues to lead the charge in personal asset protection. With the launch of its updated tracking app, refreshed website, and innovative WhereSafe One Tracker, WhereSafe GPS reaffirms its commitment to empowering consumers with the tools they need to safeguard their assets and loved ones effectively.

As auto and asset thefts continue to pose significant challenges across North America, WhereSafe GPS remains dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of its customers. With WhereSafe GPS, protecting what matters most has never been easier or more accessible. WhereSafe is GPS Tracking Simplified!