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Auto theft is a significant and growing concern for any vehicle or equipment owner, and GPS tracking technology has emerged as a crucial tool for vehicle recovery and security. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every week, destined to be shipped overseas. While many vehicles now come equipped with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed GPS systems, this article delves into the advantages of third party GPS tracking solutions over their OEM counterparts, particularly in the context of auto theft prevention and more. By exploring the customization, versatility, affordability, wider range of features, and the aspect of discreet installation offered by third-party...

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Our senior OBD GPS tracker provides you with peace of mind for the elderly driver in your life. 

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Our Teen OBD GPS tracker allows you to know where your Teen is and that they are safe; without the need to question them!

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The availability of vehicle GPS tracking systems has improved significantly and with it, we can see better how people and organizations operate their vehicles, which may be private vehicles, buses, taxis or trucks, and trailers.  Where are your cars and other vehicles? Do you know what they are being used for? Vehicle GPS tracking has been more significant in recent years. In this article, we are going to highlight the benefits of using vehicle GPS tracking which can save you tons of cash on maintenance and fuel.  One of the fundamental advantages of vehicle GPS tracking on your vehicles is having...

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