The Superiority of Third-Party GPS Tracking over OEM Installed GPS to Protect Against Auto Theft: A Comprehensive Analysis

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The Superiority of Third-Party GPS Tracking over OEM Installed GPS to Protect Against Auto Theft: A Comprehensive Analysis

Auto theft is a significant and growing concern for any vehicle or equipment owner, and GPS tracking technology has emerged as a crucial tool for vehicle recovery and security. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every week, destined to be shipped overseas.

While many vehicles now come equipped with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed GPS systems, this article delves into the advantages of third party GPS tracking solutions over their OEM counterparts, particularly in the context of auto theft prevention and more. By exploring the customization, versatility, affordability, wider range of features, and the aspect of discreet installation offered by third-party GPS trackers, we aim to demonstrate why they outperform OEM installations in providing robust protection and peace of mind.

Discreet Installation and Hidden GPS:
The most significant advantage of third-party GPS tracking systems is their ability to be discreetly installed in a variety of ways, making them considerably harder to detect and disarm by potential thieves. OEM GPS installations, on the other hand, are easily identifiable by their standard locations. As a result, potential thieves can quickly research and find online instructions on how to disarm or disable these commonly placed OEM systems. Often it can be as simple as pulling a fuse.

Third-party GPS trackers, on the contrary, can be installed in hidden locations throughout the vehicle, making them far less conspicuous and more challenging to identify. These trackers can be concealed in areas such as the engine compartment, under the seats, or behind interior panels, ensuring that thieves are unaware of their presence. This inherent stealth significantly reduces the risk of theft as criminals are less likely to target a vehicle equipped with a hidden third-party GPS tracker.

Discrete installation of a GPS tracker
Furthermore, third-party trackers offer various installation options, including hardwired installations directly into the vehicle's electrical system, plug and-play options that connect to the OBD-II port, or battery-powered devices for non-permanent installations. This versatility allows vehicle owners to choose the most suitable installation method based on their preferences, vehicle type, and level of concealment desired.

By offering flexible and inconspicuous installation methods, third-party GPS tracking systems maintain an advantage over OEM installations, ensuring that potential thieves cannot easily locate and disable the tracking technology, thus significantly increasing the chances of recovery in case of theft.

Customizable GPS Platform:
One of the primary advantages of third-party GPS tracking systems is their ability to cater to specific user needs. Unlike OEM installations, which often follow a one-size-fits-all approach, third-party solutions offer a wide range of customizable features, for multiple users, multiple vehicles (or assets of different OEMs), various notifications, reports, custom geofences and more. Vehicle owners can select their preferred mobile applications or web interfaces, allowing for convenient monitoring and management of their assets. Moreover, third-party trackers are typically compatible with multiple vehicles, pieces of equipment, boats, RVs, motorcycles of varying makes and models, making them an attractive choice for owners with diverse fleets or unconventional vehicles. Car owners can select the GPS tracker that makes most sense for their vehicle, equipment or business or family needs.

iPhone showing WhereSafe GPS Tracking notifications

Enhanced Anti-Theft Capabilities:
Third-party GPS tracking systems excel in providing advanced anti-theft features, which play a vital role in preventing auto theft. These systems typically offer real-time tracking, enabling owners and law enforcement agencies to locate stolen vehicles swiftly. Additionally, they often include geofencing capabilities, allowing users to define virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts when their vehicles enter or exit designated areas. Such functionality enables proactive action in case of unauthorized movement or theft attempts.

Often, OEM GPS tracking systems and the OEMs that run them, have barriers to providing access to law enforcement in a timely manner. When a vehicle is stolen, every minute is critical, and the police need as much assistance as possible in order for them to have the best chance of recovery. Third party GPS providers can more easily be available and able to provide access to police, so they can monitor the real-time location of the stolen vehicle and make the correct actions to get it back.

Affordable GPS Tracking Options:
When comparing third-party GPS tracking systems to OEM installations, cost effectiveness is a significant factor. OEM GPS solutions are often bundled with other premium features, making them expensive options. On the other hand, third-party trackers can be purchased separately, allowing vehicle owners to choose the features they need without incurring unnecessary costs.

While OEM installed GPS systems offer some of the benefits of GPS tracking, third-party GPS tracking solutions provide a superior alternative when it comes to auto theft prevention and more. The discreet installation, customization, enhanced anti-theft capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and expansive feature set offered by third-party trackers provide vehicle owners with greater control, security, and efficiency. By embracing third-party solutions, individuals and businesses can leverage advanced technology to protect their assets effectively.

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