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Keeping track of our belongings while traveling has become increasingly important and GPS trackers have become essential tools for this purpose. Since the pandemic, when the air travel industry took major losses, many airlines and airports laid off significant numbers of baggage handlers. Today travel is increasing again, but those jobs have not fully been filled and it is showing with lost luggage. News stories are continuously popping up regarding airport chaos and lost or late luggage. While traditional GPS trackers are effective outdoors, they often face limitations when used indoors. However, the latest generation of GPS trackers, equipped with...

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Secure your ride this summer with a GPS tracker for jet ski. Learn theft prevention tips and ride confidently with peace of mind.

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WhereSafe GPS announced the launch of a new payment plan to save customers money, while getting the same simple GPS app and service. The company is introducing a two-year pre-paid payment GPS service plan that can be applied to any of its GPS trackers and offers it with no contract. When WhereSafe customers select to get the two-year plan, they will save 29% when compared to customers who opt to pay month-to-month. To put that in perspective, when pre-paying for two years at a price of $220, WhereSafe GPS users pay the equivalent of only $9.17 per month. “Our customers...

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Elizabethtown, Kentucky – WhereSafe GPS is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Skaggs RV Outlet based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The new partnership will see Skaggs RV Outlet re-sell WhereSafe real-time GPS tracking devices and mobile app, to their RV customers. General Manager Alexis Skaggs said: “We’re excited to bring GPS tracking to the RV owners in Kentucky, with a lot of different options in the market we kept returning to WhereSafe, who seem to provide a wide variety of GPS tracking options to the different types RVers.” "Our customers are using GPS trackers for their RVs, campers, horse trailers, enclosed...

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At WhereSafe our motto is to provide the tools for you to “Protect your Passions”, help Dad protect his passions this Father’s Day…. #ThanksDad

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