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Auto theft is a significant and growing concern for any vehicle or equipment owner, and GPS tracking technology has emerged as a crucial tool for vehicle recovery and security. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every week, destined to be shipped overseas. While many vehicles now come equipped with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed GPS systems, this article delves into the advantages of third party GPS tracking solutions over their OEM counterparts, particularly in the context of auto theft prevention and more. By exploring the customization, versatility, affordability, wider range of features, and the aspect of discreet installation offered by third-party...

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WhereSafe GPS announced the launch of a new payment plan to save customers money, while getting the same simple GPS app and service. The company is introducing a two-year pre-paid payment GPS service plan that can be applied to any of its GPS trackers and offers it with no contract. When WhereSafe customers select to get the two-year plan, they will save 29% when compared to customers who opt to pay month-to-month. To put that in perspective, when pre-paying for two years at a price of $220, WhereSafe GPS users pay the equivalent of only $9.17 per month. “Our customers...

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