How WhereSafe is being adopted by families with senior drivers.

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How WhereSafe is being adopted by families with senior drivers.

"Leverage technology and innovation to your advantage"

Geriatric, old, aged, elderly and senior are just some of the flattering descriptors for that special person in your life approaching their advanced years.

Here at WhereSafe we wish to empower those who are approaching the later years of life and understand the importance for those individuals to maintain their independence and mobility. 

Drive the road towards a safer future. 

In January 2016, The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators published Canada's Road Safety Strategy 2025. Named "Towards Zero: The Safest Roads in the World" 

One of the risk groups identified within this publication was defined "Medically at Risk Drivers. Drivers with physical or cognitive impairments which affect a person's ability to operate vehicles safely." We understand here at WhereSafe that symptoms can be ambiguous and, particularly within seniors, can go undetected. 

We recognize that family members are typically the first responders for raising awareness to the doctors of their loved ones regarding their health. However, many elderly drivers may go undetected for months or even years and continue to drive whilst being impaired. 

Rather than leaving it too late to respond, preventative measures can be taken arranged by concerned families. 

    How WhereSafe protects that senior driver in your life.

    WhereSafe is a real-time tracking application; whether you are the tech savvy individual or not, you can stay connected to your loved one and their vehicle. 

    Four specifically developed default safety notifications that can be fully customized and turned off and on with a swipe of a finger!

    How does the WhereSafe service work?

    Simply plug in the WhereSafe GPS OBD tracker into the OBD port in your seniors car; then download the WhereSafe app found on the iOS or Google Play store. 

    What does the WhereSafe service include? 

    1. Real-time accurate satellite tracking right on your smartphone.
    2. Notifications and alerts directly to you via Email, SMS or Push. 
    3. Peace of mind. 

    What do I get with WhereSafe? 

    1. A WhereSafe GPS tracker. We program our software to the latest cutting edge GPS devices on the market. 
    2. WhereSafe GPS Application. Download from the iOS or Google Play Store; service can be purchased monthly or annually. 

    How can I purchase a Plug and Play OBD GPS Tracker?  

    You can buy these useful GPS trackers right here on the WhereSafe website.  

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