A Guide to Ensuring Your Teen Driver is Safe!

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A Guide to Ensuring Your Teen Driver is Safe!

"Designed for families, by families"

Your baby will always be your baby, but they are quickly approaching adulthood and taking the first big step towards responsibility!

They've received their license and now the inevitable questions come:

  • "Can I drive to the cottage?"
  • "Can I use the car tonight?"
  • "Can I take the car to college?"

For you as a parent, this is both an exciting and scary time. 

Teen Drivers; don't be a statistic

  1. One in five sixteen year olds have an accident during their first driving year. 
  2. 56% of cellphone users talk on the phone whilst driving. 
  3. 48% of people aged 12 to 17 report being in a car when the driver was texting.
  4. Speeding factored in 31% of US teen driver fatalities.
  5. 40% of teen vehicle deaths occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  6. New drivers are eight times more likely to crash or have a close call in the first three months after getting a license than during the last three months on a learner's permit. 
  7. 16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age.
  8. 56% of teens would not speak up if someone were driving in a way that scared them.

We understand that parents want to grant freedom to their teen, but also, they demand the peace of mind that their new driver is safe on the roads. 

We're parents too, we wanted the same peace of mind, but realised we didn't have it. WhereSafe was born!

    How does WhereSafe work? 

    WhereSafe is a real-time tracking application; whether you are the tech savvy parent or not.

    Simply plug in the WhereSafe GPS OBD tracker into the OBD port in your teens car; then download the WhereSafe app found on the iOS or Google Play store. 

    What do I get with WhereSafe? 

    1. A WhereSafe GPS tracker. We program our software to the latest cutting edge GPS devices on the market. 
    2. WhereSafe GPS Application. Download from the iOS or Google Play Store; service can be purchased monthly or annually. 

    What does the WhereSafe service include? 

    1. Real-time accurate satellite tracking right on your smartphone
    2. Notifications and alerts directly to you via Email, SMS or Push. 
    3. Peace of mind. 

    What are the WhereSafe notifications?

    Four specifically developed default safety notifications for the concerned parent that can be fully customised and turned off and on with a swipe of a finger!

    How can I purchase a Teen OBD GPS Tracker?  

    You can buy these useful GPS trackers right here on the WhereSafe website.  

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