Trackem OBDII GPS Tracker

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Plug and Play LTE CAT-M OBDII GPS tracker optimized for a diverse range of applications; reliable self-installation (just plug it into your vehicles' OBDII port!) ideal for connected car applications and superior cellular GPS performance. Triple-axis accelerometer for driver behaviour capabilities, impact detection and low power sleep modes for longer life. Full 12 month warranty included.

This includes 1 x OBDII device, 1 x SIM card.  You will get the option to pick a service plan when activating the device.

- Battery backup (3 hours unplugged) 
- Motion & Tamper Sensor 
- Real-time trail motion tracking 
- G-Force accelerometer 


  • Built-in Accelerometer with added vehicle detection and erratic driving monitors
  • Fits in passenger vehicle built after 1996
  • No professional installation required 
  • Easily removable or “disguisable” with a supported cable


  • All data and wireless service
  • US roaming service
  • Built-in safety notifications
  • Intelligent 24/7/365 monitoring