In general, RVs, motorhomes, campers, and fifth wheels have very little security and family safety features built in. RV theft and high profile tragic RV safety stories are far to common. RVers are increasingly trusting WhereSafe GPS tracking to stay connected to their valuable RV investment and family while on the road, in storage or when rented.
        - Always know exactly where your RV or loved ones are in real-time
        - Get notified if your RV moves when it is not supposed to or when it reaches a destination
        - With the Wi-Fi Tracker get real-time GPS tracking and a Wi-Fi hotspot all-in-one

Rugged GPS Tracker (Wired)

Rugged GPS Tracker for RVs, boat, trucks and remote equipment
Rugged GPS Tracker for RVs, boat, trucks and remote equipment

You Need a GPS Service Plan - Save 23% With an Annual Plan

1 Year Service Plan
1 Year Service Plan

You Need a DataToGo Plan for Your Wi-Fi Tracker

What RVers Say About WhereSafe GPS

J Chowhan

We bought a WhereSafe GPS tracker for safety. Having our family and friends track our RV is a good thing. Recently a couple down south got stuck off-road and the family couldn’t find them. This is just a peace of mind that someone is watching over us. Jaybejo-On-The-Go.

How WhereSafe GPS Works

How WHereSafe Real-Time GPS Works
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