Automotive Dealership Program - Test Drives with Trackem

Automotive Dealership Program - Test Drives with Trackem

3 Specific Programs Designed for Automotive Dealerships:

1. Trackem GPS for lot management & security.

  • A program specifically designed to protect and monitor your lot inventory, stationary assets & storage containers.
2. Real-time tracking and physically distanced test drives with virtual monitoring.
  • Dealers can virtually, in real-time, monitor client test drives and extend the experience for the safety of all parties while giving the prospect a true test drive experience, even including family members. Dealers do not have to waste fuel and time following behind test drives.

3. Dealer-geared program for value-adding resale.

  • Dealerships can offer GPS tracking solutions as an F&I value add, a promotional differentiators & an additional ongoing revenue source.