20 Years for Richard Tremblay

20 Years for Richard Tremblay

Richard Tremblay began his career working steady in retail. At the time, his young family was quickly becoming a major priority and retail hours were not conducive. It was time for a change. 

A friend of his worked for Primeline, a chain of cellular stores owned by Vince and Sherry Poloniato. This was in 2001, and cellular technology was taking off, which Richard saw, so he took a leap and landed a job at Primeline. 

Over the years, his roles would change, but his dedication to his employer, would not. 

The Poloniato’s moved into the GPS world by launching Trackem in 2004, but still owned and operated Primeline on the periphery. The cellular craze slowed by 2012, and Richard was looking for a change, so he contacted Vince. 

“It was seamless. I called Vince and he was familiar with my situation and he simply told me to come on in. That’s when I started with Solutions Into Motion and moved from selling cellular technology to GPS technology, which was not a hard transition,” says Tremblay. “It’s been a pleasure to work for the Poloniato’s and Solutions Into Motion and to represent Trackem for this long. This company is now growing rapidly and I am enjoying the ride.” 

Vince says, “It was over 20 years ago when I managed to recruit a young sales professional into our exploding cellular business. Since that day in 2001, in all my efforts, Richard has remained a consistent team member, with undying LOYALTY and reliability. This goes so far beyond a working relationship, as we have shared so much more. I personally cannot thank Richard enough for his patience in this crazy ride we call "business life".  He shows up every day ready to attack every challenge head on (perhaps with a little sarcasm) with realism and enthusiasm. Such a combination is very difficult to find and as we continue to learn it is critical to our mutual long term success. Thank you for being you! Every person/business needs a YOU. On behalf of the entire Solutions Into Motion team, from Trackem, WhereSafe and Janus staff, we thank you sincerely for your dedicated service to this company. THANK YOU RICHARD!”