Growth in RV Space Drives WhereSafe Real-Time GPS Tracking RV Bundle

Growth in RV Space Drives WhereSafe Real-Time GPS Tracking RV Bundle

WhereSafe GPS continues its rapid growth! There is really no other way to say it. The real-time GPS tracking brand for families has become a known and trusted GPS and IOT technology provider across North America. The RV space is a key area where WhereSafe has made major strides, in terms of reliability, great customer service, brand recognition and sales. 

RVers and overlanders have an abundance of needs for GPS tracking. GPS enables RV owners to always know the exact location of their motorhome, trailer, camper, or van. This is crucial to those who may rent an RV, or those with older parents who are traveling in one, or obviously it your RV is unfortunately stolen. 

RVers often own multiple assets (or toys) that they travel with. Boats, golf carts, ATVs, cars, and eBikes are just some examples. Portable rechargeable magnetic GPS trackers are perfect, while on vacation for use in any of these assets to protect from theft or know where your loved ones are and even how fast they are traveling. The WhereSafe mobile app can instantly notify a user if any asset moves at an unauthorized time, if it leaves a predetermined area or if it is being driven erratically.

For all these reasons, WhereSafe has developed a simple RV Bundle, to provide savings for RVers and lead them towards the GPS tracker that may make the most sense for multiple assets.

The WhereSafe RV Bundle includes a WhereSafe Mini Portable Tracker, a free Magnetic Holster and one year of service for $215. This is a savings of 28%!

Enjoy the road and the outdoors!