Jet Ski GPS

Jet Ski GPS

The WhereSafe Sport Tracker is a great multi-use real-time GPS tracker. With its compact size and internal antenna, it is a great choice for tracking smaller vehicles. Marinas across North America have started to install our GPS tracker to help with jet ski security.

Jet Ski Theft

You might not think jet ski theft was a big deal, but think again. Those trailers they are stored and moved around on make it an easy target for thieves. 

Our jet ski tracker allows you to know exactly where your jet ski is at all times. Installed on the jet ski and hidden from sight, most thieves wouldn't even think about a GPS tracker being on your personal watercraft. In the video above, the WhereSafe jet ski GPS tracker would have notified you as soon as the jet ski moved out of your driveway. Then all you have to do is log into the app to see where the thieves are going with it, and call the police. 

Jet Ski Security

Not only do individual jet ski owners protect their jet ski with GPS, but marinas and jet ski rental companies do as well. Marinas and rental companies are always worried about their jet ski security, but WhereSafe has the answer. Our jet ski GPS tracker allows you to keep tabs on the entire fleet at once and be notified as soon as one is taken off your lot. Not only that, but people are not supposed to take them out of a certain geographical area... but guess what? They do! Take control of your fleet of rental vehicles with WhereSafe jet ski trackers.

Jet Ski Tracker

The WhereSafe jet ski tracker (we call it the Sport Tracker) is a small device measuring only 2.7 inches long x 1.6 inches wide x 0.8 inches thick... small enough to hide on a jet ski, and only weighs 1 oz. It is a simple 3-wire install too; power, ground and ignition (optional). It can operate in varying temperatures ranging from -20C to +55C (-4F To 131F). Once installed you can view the location from the WhereSafe smartphone app (with a service plan of course), and start getting notifications right to your phone.

How can I purchase a Jet Ski GPS Tracker?

You can buy these useful GPS trackers right here on the WhereSafe website. 

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