Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Magnetic GPS Tracker

Our most popular product is the Magnetic GPS Vehicle tracker. We affectionately call it the 'BAT.' It is a battery-powered and magnetic GPS vehicle tracker, providing real-time gps tracking... and it's a portable GPS tracker!

Battery Tracking Device

Why do we call it the 'BAT?' That's simple... its power source; a rechargeable Lithium-ion BATtery. This magnetic GPS tracker can be recharged simply by plugging in the USB charging cable (which is supplied with the device). Don't overlook this fact either as there are not many rechargeable GPS units on the market. Most GPS devices rely on the vehicles' battery and are either plugged into the OBD port or hard-wired in. The battery in our battery tracking device is long lasting, operating for up to 4 months on a single charge depending on how often you want location updates (4 months is based on 3 location updates per day). On a normal WhereSafe plan, the device sends its location every 2 minutes when moving, and every 8 hours (3 per day) when not moving. 

Portable GPS Tracker

The battery power source makes this magnetic car tracker extremely portable. Hard-wired devices are good in many cases, but if you want to track a vehicle for a short period of time, and then track a different vehicle, your GPS tracking device needs to be portable. The fact that its portable means you are also not restricted to tracking vehicles... anything can be tracked even if it does not have its own power source. Dropping a trailer off somewhere? Leaving expensive materials or tools at a job site? Our portable GPS tracker is the perfect GPS tracker for you!

Magnetic GPS Tracker

One of the most important differences with this GPS vehicle tracker is the powerful magnets contained within. This enables you to "install" the device in seconds by simply finding a clean and flat metal surface. And when we say powerful, we mean it. This device is not falling off by itself, and you can hear it go "clunk!" when it finds metal.

How our Magnetic GPS Tracker works

Take the magnetic vehicle tracking device outside, flick the power switch to ON, and the BAT starts to acquire a GPS fix. Once it does, it will send its real-time GPS location to your WhereSafe account. When the magnetic GPS tracker (or vehicle, or anything you are tracking!) moves, the BAT will send its current location to your account every 2 minutes. When the magnetic tracker stops moving, it goes to sleep to conserve battery life, but wakes and updates its location every 8 hours. This means whenever the BAT starts to move, you will be able to see its current location in real-time. Combine this with WhereSafe's smart notifications and you will always know where your magnetic car tracker, and the things you care about (the things you are tracking!) are. Keep them safe, and have peace of mind.

How can I purchase a Magnetic GPS Tracker?

You can buy these useful GPS trackers right here on the WhereSafe website.