RV Part Shop Selects WhereSafe as Its RV GPS Solution Vendor

RV Part Shop Selects WhereSafe as Its RV GPS Solution Vendor

Brantford, ON, October 28, 2021 – Midland Ontario based RVPartShop.ca which operates online across North America has designated WhereSafe GPS as its preferred real-time tracking GPS vendor. The two businesses came to an agreement in mid-October.

“I’ve been sourcing out a real-time GPS solution to offer my customer base for the past few months. I wanted to find a brand that RVers would recognize and noticed quickly that WhereSafe GPS was the most well known in this space,” says Richard Gastmeier, President at RV Part Shop. “RV owners are increasingly asking for GPS safety solutions and want protection for their high value RV investments.”

WhereSafe GPS began 2021 with a mandate to grow its footprint in the RV world. The brand has since made major inroads signing a number of new RV dealers, affiliates and RV influencer partners, so far this year. RV owners are finding GPS tracking handy largely for those who rent RVs; during storage season when the owner is not with the RV; and obviously for theft protection.

Further to that, RVers are finding value in GPS products and apps, to monitor the location of other assets while enjoying RVlife. “We are seeing a lot of RV owners talking to us about staying connected to their kids, for example, who might be in the golf cart ‘somewhere’ at the RV park,” says Conrad Galambos, President at WhereSafe GPS. “This way users can see, in real-time on their mobile phone, and use a geofence to know if the kids left the park or are driving the boat too fast or if the truck leaves the campsite during the night. RV owners are finding many uses and value from GPS connectivity.”

WhereSafe continues to gain traction in the North American RV industry and VanLife enthusiasts and is currently in conversations with a number of other key industry players.

About RVPartShop
RV Part Shop is the destination for one of the most extensive offerings of RV Parts and Accessories, serving Canadians at www.rvpartshop.ca and US RVers at www.rvpartshop.com. RV Part Shop also offers truck accessories, marine parts and outdoor and camping gear. Our knowledgeable RV parts specialists are ready and willing to help with any purchase to provide the right products to enjoy the RV lifestyle or outdoor experience  

About WhereSafe GPS
WhereSafe is a Canadian company providing real-time, simple to use GPS tracking hardware and mobile application software for family safety. WhereSafe has been built from 17 years in-market research and innovation to become an affordable family and asset protection service for consumers across North America. The WhereSafe mantra is to provide the ability for families to ‘Protect Your Passions’. WhereSafe is powered by Trackem GPS technology and owned and operated by Solutions Into Motion. To purchase or learn more go to www.WhereSafe.com, on Instagram and Twitter @WhereSafeGPS, on Facebook @WhereSafe and on LinkedIn.

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