Trailer Theft On the Rise – Protect Powersports Investments with GPS

Trailer Theft On the Rise – Protect Powersports Investments with GPS

Brantford, ON, May 14, 2020 - Recent studies out of the US, have indicated that a range of $300 million to over a billion dollars’ worth of equipment is stolen each year in that country. The research conducted by the National Equipment Register (NER) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), suggests that the majority of that stolen equipment is taken from trailers. 

This equipment can be construction equipment, farm equipment, landscaping equipment or personal family assets such as ATVs, motorcycles, boats and more. One thing that all these various types of equipment have in common is that they are high value items.  Whether for business or personal use, these items are expensive investments.  

Compounding the issue is essentially how easy it can be to steal a utility trailer.  Even an inexperienced thief can simply hook an unprotected, loaded trailer to their truck and drive off. It can happen in a matter of seconds. Locking the hitch and/or the wheels can help, however, more experienced and motivated thieves will quickly overcome those efforts and make off with the trailer and its valuable payload. Also consider that a trailer is often open to plain sight, which allows easy access to the content.

GPS tracking technologies, like those provided by WhereSafe and Trackem, can be used for both theft prevention and asset recovery.  Portable magnetic trackers can be placed in hidden spots on the trailer.  Direct wired GPS units can be installed on the assets loaded on the trailer (for redundancy) for instant real-time location of those items in case of theft or for other personal or business purposes. In some cases, if posted and a would be thief knows the trailer or contents are armed with GPS, they may elect not tos steal that particular set up.  

"Trackem has been directly responsible for the recovery of millions of dollars worth of equipment stolen from trailers. Our GPS trackers have protected all forms of business and personal leisure equipment from ATVs to motorcycles to boats, tractors, bobcats and more" Says Vince Poloniato, President at WhereSafe.

Trailers are vulnerable, as they are often left unprotected for long periods of time. This can be in a household driveway, on job sites, at marinas, at storage facilities, work yards, even in parking spots on the street and more. This gives thieves time to case the trailer and plan for quick theft.  

If protected with GPS technology, the victim can immediately know the location of the asset, to report to law enforcement.  While in storage, or if stationary for a period of time, a geofence can be placed around the trailer, which allows the mobile app to instantly notify the asset owner if it has moved from its spot, when it should not. 

“Our motto is to ‘Protect Your Passions’. Those passions to us represent the things that are important to you. It might be a passion you have for a hobby like ATVing, or your business of cutting grass, or your family farm,” adds Poloniato. “Similarly, it is our mission to provide owners of such assets an affordable way to protect their investments from the unfortunate plague of theft we see in North America.” 


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