WhereSafe GPS Pricing Update

WhereSafe GPS Pricing Update

Dear Valued Customer, 

In order to continue to deliver the highest quality GPS technology and ongoing GPS service, WhereSafe is realigning its pricing structure. 

Here is the good news...WhereSafe pricing for annual pre-paid plans is not changing! Our existing and new customers can experience the same world class GPS service for only $120 per year, when buying an annual plan for your WhereSafe GPS tracker. You SAVE 23% compared to paying monthly. That is GPS service for $10 per month, the most affordable in the industry!

More good news...WhereSafe is excited to announce further savings for our customers who opt for a 2 Year Pre-Paid Plan. Our Brand new 2 Year Plan will save users 29% compared to paying monthly...which is over $90 saved!

That said, as a reflection of higher operating costs, higher electronics costs due to global supply shortages and logistics disruptions WhereSafe is updating its monthly pricing to $15.95/mo.

Starting on June 15, 2022, all new WhereSafe GPS subscriptions, will be billed at the new monthly price.

Existing WhereSafe GPS monthly subscriptions can enjoy current pricing until January 1, 2023, at which point they will be switched to our new monthly billing amount.

If you are looking to find savings on your GPS services, here are some options to consider.

 WhereSafe GPS Plan Price Price Per Month Savings Compared to Monthly
Seasonal Plan* $100/Yr. $8.33 36%
Annual Pre-Paid Plan $120/Yr. $10.00 23%
2 Year Pre-Paid Plan $220/2Yrs. $9.17 29%

*WhereSafe Seasonal Plan is based on GPS service for 8 months active tracking and 4 months off



OR CALL 1-888-386-3024

We greatly value your ongoing business. If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to email WhereSafe at info@wheresafe.com and we will respond as quickly as we can. 


WhereSafe GPS

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