WhereSafe’s Latest Affiliate Goes Off The Beaten Path with Nomadx

WhereSafe’s Latest Affiliate Goes Off The Beaten Path with Nomadx

After months of focus and rapid growth in forging deals in the RV, trailer, camping and outdoors sectors, WhereSafe GPS has struck another deal with Nomadx Inc., who owns all web properties under Explorevanx.com.

Nomadx is a company that lives and breaths the vanlife and overlander existence. Their mission is to continue living and promoting the lifestyle, along with the products and services that can help make the vanlife dream come true. They are quickly becoming the vanlife, van camping and overlander online community destination, providing knowledge and connecting brands and businesses with enthusiasts, for free.

“We just launched a new marketing program themed #ThatsCool. Well, this new relationship with Nomadx is just that…cool,” says Vince Poloniato, CEO at Soluntions Into Motion the provider of WhereSafe GPS. “Although Nomadx is in a parallel realm beside RVs, motorhomes and trailers, it has a much different flavor to it, which is really exciting. I completely understand when they talk about the overlander dream, it really is cool,” he adds.

Now Explorevanx.com will provide options to purchase WhereSafe realtime GPS tracking solutions. Although WhereSafe offers multiple GPS trackers, the RV, trailer, van and motorhome space seems to trend towards WhereSafe’s portable battery powered options.


This way, they can be moved from asset to asset, like to atv’s, boats, cars, etc. WhereSafe operates with a GPS tracker that speaks to a very simple mobile app, where users can see exact real-time locations of their vans. The app can be set with instant notifications for unauthorized movement, over speed, tampering and more.

“We strive to associate with established brands and business, in every corner of nomadic trekking, that offer products and services that provide real value to those traveling in the outdoors,” says David Lewis, Marketing and Advertising Development Director, Nomadx Inc. “Our vast network of partners and suppliers, especially in the van rental, builder and storage space should really take a close look at WhereSafe GPS, given the value of the assets they sell and/or rent. We often post information about stolen vans on our social channels to help mitigate these crimes, and know that overlanding is increasingly going deeper into nature, so GPS tracking is a key technology to provide security and peace of mind,” he adds.

Those interested can go to www.explorevanx.com to learn more and click the banner to see WhereSafe products.

About Nomadx:
We believe the outdoors is more than a place—it's a personal journey. As the largest gateway to van life and van camping, our comprehensive directory gives you the resources and tools to find your outside. Get more information at www.explorevanx.com and follow @explorevanx on Instagram and Twitter.

About Solutions Into Motion:
Solutions Into Motion (SIM) is a Canadian company, based in Brantford, Ontario, providing real-time, simple to use GPS tracking hardware and mobile application software for business management and family safety. Now with the addition of Janus, a facial recognition and thermal detection technology brand, the company is expanding its B2B management and safety offerings. Solutions Into Motion has been in operation for 17 years and services business and consumer clients across North America.

For more information go to www.trackem.com, www.wheresafe.com, @WhereSafeGPS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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