World’s Most Affordable GPS Asset Tracking Solution Launches

World’s Most Affordable GPS Asset Tracking Solution Launches

Brantford, ON, July 31, 2020 – Canadian GPS provider – Trackem – has announced the launch of yet another GPS service offering, specific to high value stationary assets. The company has been able to put together a package that can monitor and protect assets in storage, in transit or at remote job sites at a price point that makes such a service viable.

The Trackem Asset Tracker program uses real-time 3G GPS tracking, however, at a much lower ping frequency of only three times per day (every 8 hours). This would be in comparison to more traditional uses of Trackem for fleet vehicles, where the system pings every two minutes for continuous real-time tracking. This way data usage is minimal, keeping costs at bay and battery life is maximized, which are critical for tracking assets in the field.

“Until now, we struggled to get a comprehensive GPS solution to market that was priced at a level that made sense for an asset that only moves on occasion,” says Vince Poloniato, President at Solutions Into Motion, the company that offers Trackem. “Meanwhile over the years, our clients have been asking for
exactly this service and we have finally been able to put together a simple and affordable solution to meet those needs,” he adds.

The program is offered with two portable magnetic GPS modem options. One is specific to monitoring and protecting shipping containers. This magnetic modem fits into the door jamb of any conventional container. This tracker senses and notifies via email or SMS, anytime there is unauthorized opening/closing of the doors and/or unauthorized movement of the container. The Container Tracker has a lithium-ion battery that can last three months on a single charge.


The second modem option is another portable magnetic tracker that can be placed on virtually any metal surface. These are often used for monitoring trailers and RVs in storage, or large pieces of equipment on jobsites. These discreet GPS trackers can be easily hidden and have amazing long-life batteries that can last up to six months.

Both options provide a back-end mobile phone apps or desktop dashboard to allow quick and easy monitoring of the asset. The Trackem back-end allows for a Geo-Fence to be employed around the asset to trigger notifications if moved. Also, the system provides instant notifications for any motion or tampering of the modems themselves.

In the event an asset is stolen or being moved for another reason, the system can be remotely switched over the air to GPS recovery mode. This feature instantly increases the GPS tracking ping rate from three times daily to every two minutes, so the user can follow the route and know exactly its location in real-time.

“We have clients asking often for a service that allows them to simply know where a high value asset is, to give them peace of mind. This is the service that can now offer this.”

Trackem Asset Tracker is being priced at under $8.00/month plus the initial cost of the modem.