Father’s Day: Dad Loves His Stuff. Help Him Protect It

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Father’s Day: Dad Loves His Stuff. Help Him Protect It

WhereSafe GPS would like to extend a sincere ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to all those hard working, hard playing and loving fathers out there. We want to say thank you for being there, always!

That’s why WhereSafe GPS is having a sale leading up to June 21st, called #ThanksDad. This promo will allow customers to purchase WhereSafe GPS trackers for dad, with a $20.00 discount on all GPS modems, from now until Father’s Day.

Let’s face it – Dads’ loves their toys, equipment or even their business. These could include his sports car, his motorcycle, his boat, his RV, his Bobcat, his utility trailer, his ATV, his Seadoo, or so many other things. These assets that dad has acquired over the years are close to his heart and valuable.  Giving Dad a WhereSafe GPS tracker for Father’s Day, is the perfect way to say #ThanksDad, and help him protect and always know where his valuable assets are.

Depending on the type of toy/equipment and Dad’s needs, there are three types of WhereSafe GPS modems to choose from. The WhereSafe Sport Tracker is a small hard-wired unit that can be easily installed and hidden in any motorbike, ATV, UTV, generator, lawn tractor, Seadoo, boat and much more.  

The WhereSafe Magnetic Tracker is a portable wireless magnetic GPS tracker that is rechargeable (lasts up to 3 months on a charge). This unit can be easily hidden in any car, boat, trailer, RV, tractor and more. It can be used for multiple assets, simply by placing it in whichever one Dad feels needs it most.  

The third option is for Dad’s favourite car. It is the WhereSafe Vehicle Tracker, which connects to the OBDII port on his vehicle. All vehicles manufactured since 1996 have an OBDII port, so if Dad wants to track his classic ride, he might need the Magnetic Tracker.

Each of these devices integrates seamlessly with the WhereSafe mobile app, which simply downloads onto Dad’s phone, and he is ready to track his assets. From this app he will receive notifications if any asset has left a predefined area (drive way, parking lot, storage facility, etc.), when it should not. He can also get notified if anything leaves during the night. Dad can now know that his toys and equipment at remote locations (cottage, cabin, chalet or jobsites) are where they should be.

In the case where an asset is stolen, he can immediately see on the app, where it is, how fast it is going and contact law enforcement with the details.

GPS tracking might not be the first thought when shopping for Dad. This type of Father’s Day gift is more thoughtful. It is about peace of mind for the things that your father is passionate about. So skip the ties and socks this year and look for something more useful. 

At WhereSafe our motto is to provide the tools for you to “Protect your Passions”, help Dad protect his passions this Father’s Day…. #ThanksDad