GPS Tracking To Allow More Freedom for Elderly, Those With Dementia and Persons with Disabilities

GPS Tracking To Allow More Freedom for Elderly, Those With Dementia and Persons with Disabilities

Family Members and Caregivers Can Breathe Easier Knowing Where Loved Ones Are in Real-Time

A popular consumer real-time GPS tracking brand, WhereSafe (owned and operated by Solutions Into Motion), is moving into mobility with a specific package to help families and caregivers leverage GPS technology to empower those less mobile or afflicted with dementia. WhereSafe has established a plan for custom GPS solutions for mobility scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, and transport chairs.

The company has put together a bundle with a specific GPS tracker, needed accessories and special pricing to suit the needs of a family or care provider who could benefit from real-time GPS location.

The system is designed to provide precise live location of a loved one, to a cellphone app for multiple users. Instant notifications via text message or email can be set for family members or caregivers when the person or mobility device moves, or if it has left a predefined location.


The WhereSafe Mobility Plan has been in beta testing through limited client testing over the last six months.

“This has given me and my family the peace of mind knowing I am able to have my mom remain in her home and keep her independence as long as possible, while still providing that extra safety should she go out without notifying us or become lost while out walking. I’m not constantly wondering if Mom has gone somewhere and may need help,” Sherry Andrews of Burlington, who’s mother has Alzheimer’s.

The new ‘Mobility Plan’ from WhereSafe offers a small portable, magnetic and rechargeable, GPS ‘Mini’ tracker, that can be installed onto a scooter, wheelchair, or walker in two ways, depending on the mounting accessories chosen.

The GPS tracker has a sealed battery that can last 3 days to 3 weeks depending on daily travel between charges, depending on usage. Other units are available with increased battery capacity.

“We’ve been providing GPS for businesses since 2004, but in 2018 we developed the WhereSafe brand specifically for this reason…to help families get peace of mind through GPS technology,” says Conrad Galambos, President at WhereSafe GPS. “This is our motto, to ‘Protect Your Passion’, and there is nothing our customers are more passionate about than their own families. It gives us great pleasure to know that we are helping family members sleep better, knowing that a loved one is safe.”

Along with the announcement of the new WhereSafe Mobility Plan, comes the announcement of three new dealers who specialize in Mobility products. Mobility1st Ltd. is one of southwestern Ontario’s largest medical equipment providers and online retailers of mobility products.

“Our clients have been asking for GPS and we know there is a need for it, for some families and facilities. It’s great that WhereSafe put together a specific bundle to service this need and we look forward to providing new innovative solutions to help our customers,” says Mark Haug, General Manager at Mobilty1st. is one of Canada’s largest online retailers of mobility products, who has also enlisted as a WhereSafe Mobility Plan dealer. opens the reach for its mobility solutions, far beyond the established market that Mobility1st, who operate the online store, has immediate access to. 

Assisted Mobility Solutions (AMS), out of Georgetown, Ontario has also signed on as an authorized WhereSafe Dealer. AMS services clients across the Greater Toronto Area.

“We are in the business of helping people solve mobility challenges. Real-time GPS adds another layer to mobility that involves benefits not only to the end user, but for their loved ones or caregivers,” says Bill Jancar, Owner at AMS.

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