Huge Spring Savings Event from WhereSafe and Trackem

Huge Spring Savings Event from WhereSafe and Trackem

‘Spring…It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year’ 

WhereSafe and Trackem GPS, are kicking off spring 2021 with the launch of its now to be annual Spring Savings Event - ‘Spring…It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year’.  The promotion runs from March 1st to April 30th and features multiple ways for businesses and consumers to save on the latest GPS tracking technology.

“Spring, really is an exciting time for us as the majority of our customers are becoming more active,” says Vince Poloniato, President & CEO at Solutions Into Motion, the operator of WhereSafe and Trackem GPS. “Our business customers in landscaping and construction, in particular are getting back to business, while our consumer customers with RVs, ATVs, collector cars, boats and so on are taking their assets out of storage to get back to having fun,” he adds.

The Spring Savings event is focused on the company’s most popular products. The promotion offers $20 off any Trackem or WhereSafe portable battery powered magnetic GPS tracker, or $50 off any starter kits (tracker and one year service plan).  

Also, the savings event puts a focus on spreading awareness about Trackem and WhereSafe Seasonal Savings Plans. These new service plans from the company offer terms for 8 months of the year versus 12, so that if a customers does not need GPS tracking for a certain time period, they do not have to pay for that time. Obviously this type of plan works well for landscapers, RVers, cottagers, farmers and more.

“We have thousands of landscape and constructions users from across North America and have learned what they want and need out of GPS, which is why we chose spring to offer some deals and to highlight our seasonal savings plans,” says Poloniato. “This goes for our everyday consumer client as well. We know that they may not want to pay for 12 months of service for their snowmobile or seadoo tracker, so now they have options.”

WhereSafe and Trackem portable battery powered magnetic GPS trackers, come in three forms:

Free magnetic mount with all portable - Save More!

WhereSafe BAT Mini GPS Tracker

WhereSafe BAT Standard Magnetic GPS Tracker

WhereSafe BAT XT Magnetic GPS Tracker

These GPS trackers are extremely versatile and rugged.  They can be attached to any piece of equipment/asset with a magnetic surface. In the case of the BAT standard, with its adhesive mount, it can be attached to any surface magnetic or not. The BAT XT has an optional screw mount that allows for more permanent fastening to any surface.  And the BAT Mini is small enough to put in a backpack, luggage, purse, glove box and more.