New WhereSafe Partner Ellysium Racing Produces Slick Video Highlighting Ride Monitor Feature

New WhereSafe Partner Ellysium Racing Produces Slick Video Highlighting Ride Monitor Feature

All the way from Circuit Zolder, in Belgium, WhereSafe's newest partner Ellysium Racing, has put together a slick new video to illustrate WhereSafe's Ride Monitor feature. 

To do so, the race team placed a MagTracker into race car driver Ellis Spiezia's ERA Electric Formula Car and Ford Fiesta Cup car. 

(Image Caption: Ellis Spiezia's ERA Electric Formula Car)

The idea was so that Team Principal (and mother of Ellis), Michelle Spiezia, could monitor how fast her son was driving in real-time at high rates of speed. The Ride Monitor feature which tracks speed and provides email, SMS or push alerts in the app in real-time, was set to 150 kmph, Michelle would instantly get a notification to let her know her son was driving too fast. 

(Image Caption: Ellis Spiezia)

"Whether being on the racetrack or in a passenger vehicle, Ellis' safety is my number one priority and having WhereSafe GPS has been such an amazing tool for us on the track and can also be for families like yours off the track,"

says Michelle.

"We live in Europe for 10 months of the year and we typically travel over 25 KMs over 10-12 countries and our WhereSafe (tracker) has been amazing to keep track of our race gear and belongings in the camper van." 


(Image Caption: WhereSafe GPS Tracking App on Circuit Zolder and MagTracker)

"Obviously there is no better way to show how our ride monitor feature works, than to put it onto a race car, and have the driver's mother watching the app. Ellis is going to get an ear full when is done driving today," 

says WhereSafe President, Conrad Galambos, in gest. 

"In all seriousness, given the traveling lifestyle, the geography and the profession of Ellysium Racing, this partnership provides WhereSafe with exciting new ways to show people the capabilities of our GPS Trackers and app."

Ellysium Racing plans to produce other video's throughout the season to continue visually the features and benefits of WhereSafe GPS tracking technologies. 

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