Simple and Affordable Trailer GPS Tracking Options for Trailers

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Simple and Affordable Trailer GPS Tracking Options for Trailers

The WhereSafe MagTracker and XTracker are multi-use real-time GPS trackers providing versatility for trailer owners. Each tracker offers different potential use cases for a variety of users and to help with trailer security.

Trailer Theft

In North America, Trailer theft happens daily. Keeping connected through GPS to your asset and receiving instant movement alerts to your mobile phone, adds a layer of protection that will increase response time and improve probability of recovering the trailer. 

WhereSafe GPS is used to connect trailer owners to a variety of trailer types used across North America such as enclosed trailers, open car trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, dump trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, open gooseneck trailers, livestock trailers, refrigerated trailers and step deck trailers. 

The simple to use mobile app is designed to provide a precise real-time location of a trailer and provide access for multiple users to monitor the asset. Customizable and automated instant notifications via test message or email can be set up for tamper alerts, movement alerts, and geofence alerts on entries and exits to specific locations. 

All WhereSafe GPS tracking devices connect to the cellular networks across the US, Canada and Mexico with no roaming or overage fees whatsoever. 


The two most popular WhereSafe GPS tracking devices for trailers are the MagTracker and XTracker. 

The MagTracker


The MagTracker has powerful built-in magnets to keep the device secure on any magnetic surface and no external antenna. The MagTracker also has an optional adhesive magnetic mount for all non-magnetic surfaces for trailers built from aluminium. 

The MagTracker can last between two to six weeks on a single charge. The MagTracker sleeps when not moving and updated every 8 hours and wakes up once it moves, it will instantly send a notification to the user's mobile app and begin tracking every two minutes. 

The tamper sensor on the back of the MagTracker sends notifications anytime the device is removed. The MagTracker is weather rated at IP65 allowing the tracker to work in harsh weather conditions. It is recommended to install the MagTracker in a discreet location for optional protection. 

The XTracker

The XTracker is a heavy-duty GPS tracker for trailers, which can be attached to different surfaces using the built-in mounts or the optional magnetic cradle.

The XTracker also has an optional 12V Trickle Charging cable which plugs into the charge port of the XTracker. When used on a trailer, the simple power/ground wiring cable can be wired into a power source such as the lighting wires. 

The XTracker can last between four to eight months on a single charge. The XTracker is weather rated at IP67 allowing the tracker to work in harsh weather conditions including being submerged in up to 1 metre of water. 

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