WhereSafe GPS Finding A Niche in Trailer Tracking

WhereSafe GPS Finding A Niche in Trailer Tracking

Two New Dealers in Trailer Parts Retailing and High End Custom Builds

February 26, 2021, Brantford, ON – After making significant inroads in the RV sector throughout 2020, WhereSafe GPS is now firmly planted into the trailer space. The additions of the two new dealers, who are both established industry players across North America, is the culmination of new demand for real-time GPS tracking in the sector.

The two new WhereSafe dealers are Ordertrailerparts.com (OTP) and G2G Trailers. OTP is an online distributor or thousands of trailer part SKUs. The new dealer operates out of Idaho, ships trailer parts globally, with a focus in North America.

“OTP offers thousands of trailer parts to make owning and maintaining trailers easy. And we’ve been listening to our customers, and recognized the need to offer GPS solutions so they can have peace of mind and technology to help drive efficiencies in business,” says Jason Fox, President at OrderTrailerParts.com. “We strive to offer our customers everything they would need to own a trailer and today that means more than simply physical components and accessories, it also means technology,” he adds.

G2G Trailers designs and builds trailers for a variety of uses, such as auto racing, toy hauling, medical, military, police, food services, gaming, luxury travel and more, to clients across North America. These trailers can range in value from $15,000 to $150,000 depending on the complexity, technology and equipment requirements. G2G trailers can be extremely sophisticated, with built in satellite tech, multiple display monitors, lighting, appliances, computer systems, thousands of feet of wiring, automated systems, extensive battery banks and so much more.

“Trailer owners are increasingly seeing the benefits of GPS tracking and demand in this sector is rising. They seem particularly interested in portable magnetic trackers that can be placed anywhere on a trailer, and moved instantly to any other asset,” says Vince Poloniato, President at Solutions Into Motion, who operate WhereSafe and Trackem GPS brands. “We are seeing a lot of interest from both business and consumer trailer owners, who have both placed heavy investments in their trailers and cargo,” he adds.  

Both new dealers will focus WhereSafe sales on portable magnetic trackers that can be easily moved between trailers and equipment.

The three main products OTP plans to sell are the

BAT Standard


BAT Mini


These products all have magnetic and other mounting options allowing to mount on virtually any surface and are perfectly designed for trailer applications. Each are rechargeable with batteries that can last (depending on the product) from one month to over one year on a single charge. These trackers are rugged and water and dust resistant rated to IP65 or better.


For questions or interview requests, please contact Conrad Galambos, conrad@wheresafe.com, 905-979-7039