WhereSafe GPS Dealer Experiences Theft of Business Assets Now Protecting Its Fleet

WhereSafe GPS Dealer Experiences Theft of Business Assets Now Protecting Its Fleet

PJ Trailers, a WhereSafe GPS dealer, recently has assets stolen directly from their yard. The manufacturer of dump, enclosed, flat bet, tilt bed and utility trailers, had a $50,000 heavy duty pick-up truck and a $10,000 14 ft PJ dump trailer stolen from their Leamington, Ontario location, in early June 2022.

Thieves took about three minutes to break into the yard through the main gate after 11 PM. The criminals cased the lot for another 15 minutes choosing their targets. The dually pick-up was broken into and once running was driven over to the dump trailer where they hooked it up and drove off.

At that time, PJ Trailers was a WhereSafe GPS dealer though their online store. However, after this brazen theft, the company has decided to protect their own business fleet and priority/vulnerable inventory, with WhereSafe GPS trackers.

“Trailer theft is a major issue, and PJ trailers are proud to offer our customers a way to protect these high value and targeted business or personal trailer investments, through GPS tracking,”

says Merlin Warkentin, Branch Manager at PJ Trailers.

“That said, we regret that we were not properly protecting our own business assets at the time of the theft. We will not make that mistake again. PJ Trailers urges all our customers, business or consumer, to take advantage of this very inexpensive way to instantly locate stolen assets and easily stay connected to them all the time.”

PJ Trailers currently offers the WhereSafe MagTracker. This is a magnetic portable GPS tracker that can be easily mounted on any metallic surface. It comes with an adhesive mount that allows it to be easily installed on any other non-magnetic surface. The MagTracker can last over a month on a single charge. This GPS tracker wakes up every 8 hours to update its position. When motion is detected, it starts updating every 2 minutes.

(Image caption: WhereSafe MagTracker)

Instant notifications are sent for unauthorized movement, tampering, entry/exit a location, speeding, and low battery. This is all accessed in the free and simple WhereSafe mobile app.

(Image caption: WhereSafe Mobile App

PJ Trailers operates 6 factory outlets and has 12 other dealer locations across Canada. To learn more about WhereSafe MagTracker (magnetic GPS Tracker) go to parts.pjcanada.com and search ‘WhereSafe’.

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